Sophie Kovic Sugar Baby and Founder of Seed & Sprout

Sophie Kovic and Me, a Sugar-Dating Story

The true story of my eight month arrangement with a Byron Bay sugar-baby, Sophie Kovic. A tale of love, lies and a double life

Sugar dating is somewhat of an enigma. It can be confusing to navigate.

I decided to publish the story of my eight month sugar-dating relationship with Sophie Kovic in the hope that it may help anyone who has been damaged by a dismissive avoidant partner as I was by Sophie Kovic. Please know there is hope. It isn’t your fault.

I would also like to give readers a personal perspective on what sugar-dating means and what can go wrong — the good, the bad and the ugly.

This story really happened, so I have decided to use real names. It is part of my life and my reality. It is a truth that I do not shy away from.

I hope you gain some insight into the world of sugar-dating through reading this, and it may prepare you for some of the pitfalls if you decide to go down this path.

Sophie Kovic - My sugar baby and I on Hayman Island
With my sugar-baby, Sophie Kovic.

My Sugar-Dating Arrangement With Sophie Kovic

After the breakup of a long relationship near the end of 2022, a friend recommended I try sugar-dating and suggested the website

The intention was simply to have some fun, without ties or emotional involvement. I joined the site and was contacted by Sophie Kovic who advertised as a sugar-baby under the name of Claudia.

Sophie explained that her current business, Seed & Sprout, was facing financial difficulties and she was in need of money to maintain her lifestyle. This led her to seek additional income as a sugar-baby.

We arranged a meeting, negotiated a financial contract for weekly rendezvous including sexual services, and the rest is history.

At the time I had no idea what path this would lead me down, however it was a decision I came to regret.

Motivation for Sophie Kovic to be a Sugar-Baby

Sophie Kovic is a public figure known as a successful entrepreneur, owning a majority shareholding of her business, Seed & Sprout, which is currently in financial difficulty.

Due to financial and personal reasons, Sophie Kovic, at 36 years old, decided to revisit a lifestyle she had undertaken at previous times of her life — that of a sugar-baby, which is in essence sex-work.

Sophie Kovic’s motivation may seem to be purely financial, however I came to believe was more to her motivation that money. Her partner Peter Lawrence was more than capable of supporting her financially at the time. He has been and remains her cash cow.

Over the next few months, I came to believe that Sophie Kovic’s motivation also stemmed from a deep seated unhappiness. She seemed to love the excitement and danger of leading a double-life, even though this caused her a great deal of stress and anxiety which exacerbated her mental health issues.

Sophie Kovic and I on holiday to India

A message from Sophie Kovic

Sophie Kovic, Byron Bay Sugar-Baby

“My son is in private school. I live in a nice place. I have an unfinished project to wrap up. I like to eat organic food. Harry, Archie and I are used to and enjoy a nice quality of life. When I joined SA ( I was hoping to add an extra $5,000 or so per month to my income so I could pay my rent ($800/week)”

— Sophie Kovic (a message sent to me on 2nd September 2022)
Sugar dating Sophie Kovic - How mental health issues played a role

Mental Health Issues

Everyone has mental health issues including myself, however Sophie Kovic’s mental health issues effected her personality and our relationship. Thus, Sophie’s mental health plays an important part of my story.

During our time together, Sophie often showed little or no regard for my feelings or that of her partner Peter Lawrence. Sophie also continually lied to her family, partner and myself about her double life.

One of Sophie’s school friends warned me that she was a narcissist, however I came to believe Sophie Kovic is most likely a dismissive avoidant, which shares similar traits.

Sophie often behaved like a little girl, craving the attention of an absentee father, affecting a little girl voice when she wanted something from me.

Eventually the increase in magnitude of Sophie’s lies caused the ultimate end to our sugar-dating relationship.

What is a Sugar-Baby

Sophie Kovic - Sugar-baby gifts and holidays

Sugar dating, also called sugaring, is a pseudo-romantic, transactional sexual relationship between an older wealthy person and a younger person. Payment can be received by way of money, gifts like designer goods, jewellery, support or other material benefits in exchange for companionship or a dating-like relationship… Sugaring has been called the modern-day counterpart of the courtesan, “a prostitute, especially one with wealthy or upper-class clients.”

— Wikipedia

Gifts and Holidays With Sophie Kovic

During our eight month sugar-dating relationship, Sophie Kovic and I went on several holidays, both domestically and abroad. Sophie always insisted on traveling business class, with 5 star accommodation.

There were also a lot gifts given during that time. Some of these she asked for directly or hinted at, and some were given without request.

Gifts included the loan of a European car as well as jewellery, holidays and even her son’s Christmas presents.

Sophie Kovic Founder of Seed $ Sprout and Byron Bay Sugar baby
Sophie Kovic the Natural Pool Girl.Illegal Construction. natural swimming pool and tiny house

Sophie Kovic’s Illegal Construction at “The Farm”

Sophie Kovic owns a 2 acre parcel of land on a larger farm in Northern NSW which she calls “The Farm”. On the property she has constructed a swimming pool, a large deck, a tiny house and a 2 bedroom studio. The majority of the structures were built illegally, without council approval.

When a complaint from a neighbour led to Lismore council issuing orders to rectify the illegal works, Sophie requested I help to bail her out as she had neither the contacts or money to undertake the project.

This would have a huge impact on my life and our sugar-dating arrangement.